All About Three Card Brag

Three Card Brag Variants

Popular Three Card Brag variations

Four card brag – In this variant all players are dealt four cards each, of which they must discard at least one to create their best three-card combination. Once the extra card is discarded, the game is played exactly the same way as Three Card Brag.

Seven card brag – In this variant all players are dealt seven cards each, which they must use to create their best two three-card hands. The player with the best 2 three-card hands wins the amount in the pot.

Nine card brag – As evident, in this variant all players are dealt nine cards each, which they must divide into three sets for creating 3 three-card hands. All players must place 4 ante bets – 3 for each hand and an extra one for the main pot. Every hand is played separately without any further betting, with the winner of each hand taking the corresponding amount in that hand’s pot. The players normally play their second-best hand in the first game and make sure they have at least two good hands to have a good chance of winning the third game and for protecting the amount in the main pot.

Thirteen card brag – In this variant every player is dealt 13 cards each which he/she must use to create his/her best three-card hand. Another spin on the game involves making 4 different three-card hands. Players may also get rewarded for four of a kinds, which are normally rewarded through an additional fee paid by everyone, apart from the original bets. Players then proceed with the game by revealing their hands, and winning a point for every winning hand. The players’ scores are maintained on a cribbage board which can be either a sprint of around 10 holes, involving one point for every winning hand, or played through the complete street or length of the board, awarding every highest hand 4 points, 3 points to the second-best highest hand and so on.
Players failing to get on board by the time another player wins may be asked to pay double. The winnings in the end are either based on a pre-decided fixed amount, to be collected from every loser, or paid proportionately based on how far a loser finishes behind the eventual winner. Any player who wins all four hands of a particular round is termed as having crashed and is automatically declared the winner of the complete game. This variant is also popularly referred to as ‘Crash’ in some parts of the world.

Bastard brag – This variant involves three cards dealt to every player, followed by dealing of 3 face up community cards (or 2 face up and 1 facedown community card/s). Players then take turns at exchanging either one or all of their dealt cards, for one or all of the community cards. The play continues until the point one of the players ‘knocks’ or ‘sticks,’ implying that he/she is happy with his/her hand. The remaining players are then allowed to exchange their card/s one last time before comparing all hands. The player having the lowest hand gets out of the game. The name of this game originates from its strict rules that may make players feel like cursing!

Fifteen card brag – This Three Card Brag variant is mostly played as a family game and every player at the table is dealt 15 cards each, which he/she must use to make five best three-card hands. Once every player is done laying his/her hands in an orderly manner, with the highest hand first, all hands are compared one by one and the eventual winner is decided based on the player who wins the maximum number of rounds. As every player is dealt a good number of cards, there’s a high likelihood of getting very powerful hands in this variant of the game.