All About Three Card Brag

Origins of Three Card Brag

The origins of the Three Card Brag gambling game can be traced back to the 16th century England when the game used to be played pretty extensively and was known to be a direct descendant of the popular Italian card game ‘Primero.’ Actually, Three Card Brag is considered one of the several bluffing or vying card games that gained huge popularity at that time.

Vying and bluffing card games are the kind of games wherein you can emerge a winner despite having weaker hands as you’re allowed to bluff your opponents into thinking that you’re instead holding pretty strong hands. Some of the other popular bluffing card games actively played in different parts of the world are: ‘Teen Patti’ (Indian for three cards), an Indian card game having great similarity with the Three Card Brag; Poker, the hugely popular card game of American origin that’s now played throughout the world; Primero, the direct ancestor of Three Card Brag; Bouillotte, a French casino game that came into being during the 19th century, and more.

Three Card Brag gambling game has a very rich history, especially in Britain, despite the fact that it isn’t as popular internationally as other games like poker. However, it used to enjoy the similar kind of popularity during its heydays in the past, being one of the most preferred card games in betting circles everywhere. This game used to be extremely popular among the Britain’s travelling fairground showmen, who used to actively play it among themselves after closing of the fair in the evenings. Some of the biggest fairs of those times used to feature eagerly anticipated Three Card Brag games having pretty large stakes!

Apart from being an extremely popular and enjoyable card game in itself, Three Card Brag has evolved over a period of time into many other variants. In fact if you look closely into the history of poker, the game was derived from three card poker. It isn’t a coincidence that Three Card Brag found its way to America sometime around the late 1700s, when the colonial period was coming to an end and the popular game of poker made its first ever recorded appearance sometime around 1805.

Three Card Brag is also a game of skill and confidence, just like poker. Furthermore, even though you require these two qualities for these card games, what makes them different from other card games is the fact that you can successfully call and make bluffs in them.

On the other hand, one of the biggest differentiators between the two is that you can carefully consider your odds by indulging in something known as card counting in Three Card Brag. While the cards are shuffled thoroughly after every hand in poker, ensuring that they’re dealt in the most random manner possible, it isn’t so in Three Card Brag. In Three Card Brag, the cards are shuffled only once before the start of the session and after a prial. Apart from that all cards are placed at the bottom of the deck, after a hand. This enables skilled players, with exceptional memories to remember the cards going into the deck and then using their memory to gain an edge over other players. Although card counting has always been frowned upon in gambling circles, it’s treated with great respect in Three Card Brag!

Even though Three Card Brag is by no means a very high profile card game of the modern era, it did find its way into the modern-day cinema via the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels,’ featuring Guy Ritchie, where characters of the film can be seen playing a Three Card Brag hand.

Despite having lost to poker in terms of popularity over the years, Three Card Brag made a huge comeback with the advent of online casinos and online card games.