All About Three Card Brag

Gameplay – About Blinds

Experienced Three Card Brag players normally keep the option of blind play in their games. As evident from the name, this option enables a player to not look at his/her cards and play in the blind mode instead. So, that player’s cards stay in facedown position on the table and he/she bets normally, except for the rule that his/her bets are double in their worth. Hence, a blind player only needs to put half of the normal betting amount in the pot, to stay in play.

If you’re playing blind in a Three Card Brag game, when your turn comes, you’re free to either look at your cards, and then fold or bet, or continue playing in the blind mode. If you choose to see your cards and then wish to continue playing, you’ll need to place the same bet amount as is applicable to non-blind players.

If you stay on blind and everyone else on the table folds his/her cards, which rarely happens, you don’t end up winning the pot amount. Instead, the pot amount is carried forward to the next game, with you retaining your blind hand.

In case there are just two players remaining in the game and one or both of them are on blind, following things can happen:

If you’ve seen your cards and your opponent hasn’t – As per the general Three Card Brag rule, you’re not allowed to see the cards of a blind player. Hence, your only option is to either fold your hand or continue betting.

If both you and your opponent are playing blind – You can put in 2 times the blind amount and force your opponent to compare his/her cards with yours. Normally, when this happens, both players flip up their cards one at a time, starting from the player other than the one who had asked for a show. Whoever has a better hand wins. In case there’s a tie, it’s the player who had asked for show loses the hand.

You’re playing blind and your opponent isn’t – As per the general Three Card Brag rule your opponent can’t see your cards, but you can certainly force your opponent to reveal his/hers by betting 2 times the blind amount. Doing so would cause the opponent to expose his/her hand first, followed by you if your cards are better.

About retained blind hands
As also mentioned above, if everyone else on the table has folded his/her cards and you are left with a blind hand, you can retain that blind hand and the pot amount would be carried forward to the next game. Please note, you’ll be dealt a fresh set of cards just like everyone else in the next deal. You may either:
– Look at your old hand
– Look at your new hand or
– Look at neither of them

In case you choose to look at either of the hands, you must instantly make a decision whether you wish to fold it or keep it. If you decide to keep it, you must fold the other hand (without seeing it). You’re now just like any other non-blind player who has looked at his/her hand. If you decide to fold, you’re left with just one blind hand in the game, which you should play with as normal. You may look at that hand right away or later.
If you look at neither of the hands, you can continue playing both of them as blind until you decide to see either of them (following the same process as detailed above).
It’s pretty rare that everyone else but you may again fold their hands. But if it happens, you may retain only one of the unseen blind hands, before moving on to the next deal. The Three Card Brag rules don’t allow anyone to have 3 blind hands in one game.
Please note that if you’re playing with two blind hands, you can’t look at both of them and keep the better one. You must see only one of them at a time and go about the next after folding or keeping that hand.